The displacement of the Technical Service (if necessary) during the product guarantee period is free as long as the conditions of the same are met. In the case of claims not covered by the guarantee, the amount of the trips will be charged in the same way as if the product were outside the guarantee period (€50 VAT included). The cost of the repair out of warranty or in cases not covered by it, will be determined in each case.


For the cases of orders of special measures, returns are not allowed, nor are cancellations of orders if the manufacture of the product has begun, which will be effective with the confirmation of the order.


1. For special measures of bed bases there will be a 5% surcharge on the immediately higher measure for electric ones and a 10% surcharge for fixed bed bases.

2. For special mattress sizes, the price of the immediately higher standard size will be applied. For measures greater than 200 cm, height or width, see points 3 and 4.

3. The price of 200 cm wide mattresses will be 15% higher than that of the same 180 cm model.

4. The price of the products, bases and mattresses, of more than 200 cm in length will be 10% higher for each section of 10 cm that is added.



No returns will be accepted without the approval of INDUSTRIAS TOBIA S.A., nor returns of non-catalog items or non-standard sizes.

Any return must be packed in the same conditions in which it was received. The merchandise will always go postage paid, except for loose shipments of pillows and/or accessories.

INDUSTRIAS TOBIA S.A. will not respond to or respond to any claim that is not made within 8 days after the goods are made available or delivered to the buyer.

In the event of any damage upon receipt of the merchandise, the observations must be made at the time of receipt to the carrier or be communicated together with a digital or printed receipt to the corresponding agency and to INDUSTRIAS TOBIA S.A. in the following 24 hours.

The acceptance of the merchandise will be considered valid with the signing of the transport delivery note. INDUSTRIAS TOBIA S.A. guarantees all its products against any manufacturing defect. Not so, those produced by misuse, incorrect handling or other external causes. All quality claims must be made in writing, by qualified personnel of the establishment and attaching photographs that allow the assessment of the problem. Subsequently, if necessary, a representative of Spaldin® will go to the address where the product is located.

If the claim is not finally covered by the guarantee, the end customer must pay 60 euros for travel expenses. If the client considers it, the total cost of the repair will be budgeted. The guarantee will be valid exclusively when the Spaldin® product is used with the base or mattress base recommended by authorized Spaldin® distributors.

The prices that will be applied will be those of the current rates. Ignorance of current rates does not exempt their application. The prices that are not reflected in the rate must always be requested in writing, exempting INDUSTRIAS TOBIA S.A. of all responsibility if it is not carried out as stipulated. No order will be served if the collection of an unpaid invoice is pending solution. In case of dispute, the buyer submits to the jurisdiction of the Courts designated by INDUSTRIAS TOBIA S.A., waiving his own jurisdiction.

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