Thermal Comfort, Technology, Recyclability.

Our mattresses, which use technology in their materials, have been certified according to their degree of Thermal Comfort.

We focus on the search for recycled and recyclable materials.

We design and manufacture sustainable and certified mattresses according to their degree of thermal comfort.


For the search for comfort, thermal comfort is an essential variable. Today, this variable takes on greater importance in terms of user comfort, and there are more and more trials that attempt to quantify it objectively.

The main objective of the AITEX comfort laboratory is to determine the variables related to the user's comfort and well-being. The evaluation of comfort will be carried out from a series of tests that establish the comfort index of the article.

This is obtained from the water vapor permeability index. Which, in turn, is obtained from the relationship between the insulation of the article and its breathability.


All our mattresses and pillows
are certified as Standard 100 Class I
the highest in quality and safety in its category.



If an item carries the STANDARD 100 Class I, Appendix IV label, you can be sure that all its components, that is, every thread, button and other accessories, including all our PU and latex foams, mattresses and pillows, have been Tested for harmful substances and therefore harmless to human health, they will not cause allergies, irritations or respiratory problems, even if you have sensitive skin or are a baby.

The tests carried out take into account numerous regulated and unregulated substances, which may be harmful to human health. In many cases, the limit values of STANDARD 100 go beyond national and international requirements. The catalog of criteria is updated every year and expanded with new scientific knowledge or legal requirements.



Trust and transparency, since our raw material suppliers also have the same quality standard and are committed to the responsible use of resources. You can check the validity of OEKO-TEX® labels at any time: simply enter the label number on the official page.


Committed to sustainability. 


Sustainability has become a crucial pillar as we move towards a collective ecological consciousness. The circular economy is a transcendental issue, which requires good practices from everyone, including the main players in the business sector, it is urgent to participate in this global systematic change and in the way we consume resources.

The company's mattress and pillow manufacturing has been recognised, evaluated and certified, with ISO 14001:2015, it is an internationally accepted standard that indicates how to put an effective environmental management system in place. It is designed to help organizations remain commercially successful without ignoring their environmental responsibilities.


Our goal is to achieve Zero Waste. Seeking transparency in the processes and associating ourselves with authentic waste managers and material processors.

All our manufacturing surpluses, cuts, leftovers,..., have a second life. By separating and selecting these virgin materials, we achieve 100% recycling of foam, textiles, cardboard, transparent and colored plastic film, wood and steel.


We intend to continue adding sustainable models to our catalogue.

And gradually achieve a balance in the manufacture of our products, which are partially recyclable, 100% recyclable and will soon even be biodegradable.

These challenges respond to the promise of sustainability, the circularity of materials and our commitment to zero waste.


We are adding models to this project, it is the way of understanding our company.

The transformation of production processes, the choice of materials, the preference for the industrial fabric and local services.

They are our commitment to achieve Sustainable Development Goals that generate benefits and guarantee our stability in the present and future.

Upholstered, Articulated, Fixed, Storebeds and Divans.

They maximize the breathability of the mattress, improving thermal comfort. Designed not to lose an iota of support and contribute to its durability.

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Manufacturing warranty

We have been manufacturing rest for more than 75 years, innovation and craftsmanship come together to achieve an optimal finish quality.

Shipping in 24-48h

We are able to manufacture a sustainable mattress for you, prepare it in an airtight and hygienic container, roll it up to reduce the carbon footprint and send it to you in its recycled box if you request it.

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