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Welcome to the perfect rest. We have applied our knowledge in thermal comfort to the entire range, achieving highly breathable products. Maximizing the comfort of the sleeper without the system losing an iota of support or durability.

Did you know...? our mattresses with reticular foams generated from a provoked explosion, which allows the cell membranes to be burned, leaving only the cell wall, thus achieving the most porous foam that exists.



Maximum moisture removal. The reticular material used in mattresses dries out almost immediately after being exposed to any type of moisture. These types of foams were originally designed for outdoor use withstanding rain, snow or dew.

Constant air circulation. The materials have a revolutionary gem-like structure, which allows a constant flow of air inside the mattress.

Great comfort and better support. The multilayer construction of foams with different densities and resilience and the individually pocketed spring casing manage to facilitate a perfect alignment of our spine with maximum comfort and a pleasant feeling of pressure relief.

Certificates of safe materials. They offer the healthiest sleeping environment in existence.

Thermal Comfort Certificate. The thermal comfort certificate carried out by an independent laboratory has classified the mattress as excellent with 82 points on a scale from 0 to 100.

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H.R. Core
H.R. Vegetable
Thermal Comfort
H.R. Reticular Soft
Reticular Viscoelastic Foam (VISCOAIR)
25 cm
Dry Cleaning
Stitched outer

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