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Our BedBox Closet is beautiful no matter where you look at it. It has a number of details that make it special, such as: Its lid is integrated into the drawer, which gives it a much cleaner look. Dress up your room and it looks fabulous. It does not need an arch, since its fabric is non-slip, your mattress will never move from its place.


Our fixed slatted base, Descanso, is the solution in spring beds that will last you forever. The arrangement of its vertical sheets makes it unique on the market and greatly exceeds the breathability of your bed if you compare it with the average upholstered fixed bases on the market. The set is reinforced and carefully manufactured by hand, thus...


Our base with fixed slats, Descanso in its Low Part Double bed version, is the solution to combine with spring mattresses that will last you forever. It will be ideal to place in guest rooms, holiday homes, rural houses, hostels or simply in your children's room, since it allows you to place an extra bed under it. The arrangement of its vertical slats...


Our slatted base, Lider Fixed, is the solution for beds with extra comfort. It is fantastic because it manages to rest your body correctly and improves the behavior of the mattress. It has a plane in the shoulder area specially designed to improve flexibility. Its central area is reinforced, thus improving the passage of time in optimal conditions.


Our articulated slat base with hardness adjustment and multi-tilting elements is the most complete solution in electric beds. It is fantastic because it manages to be placed in Zero Gravity Position that allows tension relief and improved circulation thanks to its elevated position of 120 degrees between planes. It has a lumbar plane, like a cushion,...


Our natural wooden legs are certified, as they come from sustainably grown forests. They are available in 4 finishes: Beech, Wenge, Cherry and White. The standard height of the legs is 25 cm, which is what will raise the base from its fixing point to the ground. We also have special legs measuring 35 cm. We can manufacture other special measurements...


Steel and wood base with reinforced anti-scratch upholstery. Upholstered in non-slip fabric that will prevent your mattress from moving.


Our Divan provides a plus of elegance on the upholstered base. Dress your room as in a great hotel, it looks fabulous. Allows you to pass the vacuum cleaner or your cleaning robot.
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