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The perfect development that combines the characteristics most demanded by our clients with the experience of thermal comfort that provides the necessary temperature control for an optimal rest environment.

We use TA Latex technology in the comfort layer that gives the client a new type of sensation.

Did you know...?

TA Latex is a material that, thanks to its manufacture, with a process equivalent to what is known as Talalay, makes it possible to achieve a product with greater stability and ventilation than that achieved with traditional manufactures. This is the most ecological production development of latex in the industry for a material with mechanical properties and durability above what other types of latex provide.



Temperature control. The treatment of the viscoelastic material converting it into a phase change material makes it possible to exponentially improve the thermal capacities of said material.

Reduction of pressure points. The comfort layer made of PCM material provides the necessary support in all parts of the body. It is also a renewable, breathable, biodegradable component with antibacterial and antifungal properties. The thermally modified microencapsulated PCM Material of natural origin has the ability to absorb, without heating, the heat given off by bodies and to release it when necessary. This allows optimal control of thermal variations, thus always achieving an ideal temperature to sleep.

Great comfort and better support. The multilayer construction of foams with different densities and resilience and the third layer of high-density vegetable HR, achieve a feeling of great comfort.

Thermal Comfort Certificate. The thermal comfort certificate carried out by an independent laboratory has classified it as very good with 60 points on a scale from 0 to 100.

H.R. Vegetable
25 cm
Inner Cover
Outer Cover with zip
Washable in cold water
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